How to Apply

Please Note: We are in the process of revising our application forms. Please contact our office for more information or to obtain a copy of the forms.  

Grant Application Process Overview     

The grant application process begins with a discussion of your program or project idea with a Grants Coordinator, followed by submission of a draft application. Staff will provide feedback on the draft, then the application is finalized and submitted for review and decision by the Alberta Law Foundation Board of Directors. New applicants would request a project grant. Board meeting dates and application deadlines are available on the home page of the Foundation web site or by contacting the Foundation office. Staff can assist with the application process but the funding decision rests with the Board of Directors.

Please note, the Foundation does not accept grant applications for any new program or project without first having had a discussion about the proposal with the prospective applicant.

If the program or project is funded, a letter of approval will be forwarded to the applicant and a disbursement and reporting schedule will be arranged. It is the responsibility of the grantee to submit all reports at agreed intervals. At the end of the grant period, a final report must be submitted together with a financial statement and a refund of any surplus funds due to the Foundation.

Any departure from the stated objectives, activities, budget or timelines, or any change in key personnel during the period of the grant must be promptly discussed with the Foundation's Executive Director and may require the approval of the Foundation Board of Directors.

For further detail about what the Foundation will fund and the grant terms and conditions, refer to the ALF Funding Policies and the Grant Application forms.

The Grant Application   

Applicants are required to use the current version of the grant application documents provided on the Foundation web site, without alteration, and adhere to the content and format of the application documents. Applications must be no more than 20 pages, excluding audited financial statements. Save the Excel or Word version of the application documents to your computer, then complete them.

Grant applications must include a specific budget for the program or project for which funding is requested, in the format provided in the application documents. Applications must also include, as a supporting document, a global budget showing the allocation of the Foundation funding and other funding of the applicant organization.

Applications must also describe the program or project details including the identified needs and target audience, expected outcomes and outputs, how the program or project meets one or more objects of the Foundation, the internal process to be used to evaluate the program or project against its stated objectives and outcomes, all as set out in the grant application form.

Applications must establish that the proposed program or project is not an unnecessary duplication of existing services or materials available in the community.

Applications not in conformity with the ALF grant application documents will not be considered for funding.

Assemble the application materials in the following order:

  • Applicant's cover letter 
  • Grant Agreement form, signed by the Chair of the Board of Directors of the applicant
  • Funding History form (for operating grant applications only)
  • Budget Summary form (or Project Budget form for project applications)
  • Grant Application form 
  • Supporting documents.

A draft of the complete application is to be submitted to the Foundation office by fax or e-mail by the draft deadline. Once the draft application has been reviewed and commented on by Foundation staff, it can be finalized with all pages numbered consecutively starting with the Grant Agreement form. Applications must be no more than 20 pages, excluding audited financial statements. Submit the entire final application package in a single PDF document by e-mail to the Foundation by the final due date. Also provide one signed, single-sided paper original of the entire final application package to the Foundation office by mail or courier. Paper applications are to be clipped only. Applications are due by noon on the day of the deadline. Due dates for draft and final applications are posted on the home page of the Foundation web site.

General Evaluation Criteria

In reviewing grant applications, factors that the Alberta Law Foundation Board of Directors may consider include:

  • Clearly meeting one or more of the Foundation's objects and demonstrating benefit to Albertans.
  • Evidence of need for the program or service; why it is a priority.
  • Nature and identity of the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the services; size of target group if applicable.
  • Capacity/expertise/experience of the applicant to deliver the program or complete the project.
  • Lack of duplication of existing services.
  • Identifiable outputs, deliverables; project logic model if applicable; realistic work plan; evaluation process; impact.
  • Value/Cost Effectiveness/Efficiency (budget and value for money relative to expected results).
  • Level of collaboration and community support (strategic partnerships).
  • In-kind or other support from the applicant.
  • Amount, extent and source of co-funding; sustainability plan.
  • Leverage of volunteer or pro bono lawyer time.


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